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Come out for appetizers tonight

If you're just a little hungry and in the mood for a treat, we've got fresh seafood waiting to cook up just for you and your friends.


While you're here enjoying our crab cakes or stuffed crabs, grab a key lime pie or fresh shellfish to take home and cook for dinner this weekend.

Better than your average picnic!


Decadent appetizers

- Stuffed Clams

- Oysters Rockefeller

- Stuffed Mushrooms

$0.99 cents each or 6 for $4.95

- Deviled Crab

$2.99 each


- Key Lime Pies

$10.99 whole or $1.99 a slice





Delicious turnovers

- Crab Cakes

- Stuffed Crabs

$1.99 Each or 3 for $4.95


-Maryland Style Crab Cakes

$4.99 or 3 for $12.00


- Lobster and Mushroom Turnovers

- Shrimp and Spinach Turnovers

$0.99 each or 6 for $4.95

freshly cooked crab cakes freshly baked lime pie
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