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All the flavors of the sea, right here

Whether you want rich flavors or mild and delicate, there's nothing better than Junior's Fish Market's fresh shellfish.  Our shellfish is great for everyday dining, entertaining, or gift giving.


Fresher and better tasting than delivery or frozen from the supermarket, you can be a chef in your own home when you start with our shellfish, straight from the net.

Catering and Special Orders Available!


Gourmet to hometown delights

Premier and flavorful shellfish ready for your grill, pan, or broiler is only a phone call away.  You can trust in our nearly 35 years of experience to get you great shellfish.


Looking for live shellfish?  You can't get any fresher than our clams, oysters, Maine oysters, Ipswich clams, blue crabs, and more!


- Bay scallops

- Sea scallops

- Shrimp

- Conch

- Octopus

- Crawfish

- Mussels

- Bocalo

- Scungilli

- Snow crab

- King crab

- Florida lobster tail

- Lobster meat

- Squid

- Crawfish tail meat

- Soft shell crab

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live lobster in aquarium